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Strategic content

that educates, challenges and entertaines

01. event process & concept creation

We can help you
run it like an agency

Maybe We Could Be A Thing is a one stop shop when it comes to events, film and content. And both Anna & Krajan could probably solve a lot and create what you need in your production by themselfes. Scale it down so to speak.

But we also have the rollerdecks filled with project managers from all fields, an excellent network of creatives, handy people and a bunch of really skilled tech providers - to build you the solid temporary organization you need for your production. Scaling up as large as you want it. Because sometimes size matters. Do you want you own talk show? And what would you fill it with - for 6 hours? We've done it. On a global scale. In fact, we even scaled it up to be 9 different shows. Simultaneously. And we filled them all with both strategic content and entertainment that kept the entire Klarna glued to their screens.

But that's almost bragging. And we don't do that. What we do do is find your needs, and create content and events that both suit your needs - and fit your budget.

That's the short written elevator pitch, but...

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02. 30 minutes meeting

Strategic content that educates, challenges and entertains.

Give us 30 minutes in a meeting and we will tell you a little about how we started up Klarna's global internal event team and the event process we created to launch two of the biggest events during the pandemic. How we transformed a small group of unexperienced people into a swift and efficient moving event production team. Or how we managed to pull of 10 live broadcast talk shows in two days.

After that, we'll be happy to listen to what your specific needs are, what you have in front of you, and which projects would be possible to do together.

And regardless of in what way your scale is tipping - scale up, or down - Maybe We Could Be A Thing can provide you with precision service right where you might need it in your event process.

Event Process
Concept Creation
Communication - pre and post
Content Creation
Presentations & Presentation Techniques
Event Production

We can also show you how to create a clear structure, and processes, for both production and creativity. Taking advantage of everything you already know and do! PR, internal communication, employer branding, social media and events.

That's when you can start securing strong content by yourself - that communicates who you are - from the inside - with an agency's delivery quality.

03. Run it like an agency

Effect and result

The only decision you need to make at this point, is that you want to meet with us, because you think we are of interest as a potential creative partner and provider of strategic and creative content.

Let us get BFF tight with you and act as your go-to mini agency when it comes to creative solutions. We promise it will lead to lots of excellent communication and content - strategic, educative, inspiring, challenging and entertaining - all for you, and some perhaps even by you - and a long sustainable relationship.

It sounds like both the beginning and the ending of a beautiful fairytale, doesn't it?
Well, that's storytelling at its best.

Let's be A Thing.

04. Even more works

Selected screens from
various events

Internal productions stay internal. Care to see more of what we did? Request a demo.

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05. Get in touch

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