Maybe We Could Be A Thing
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01.Maybe We Could Be A Thing

Your one stop shop
to create communication strategies, processes and productions that stir emotions, conveys passion and drives business.

Maybe We Could Be A Thing is a business advisory and creative production agency based in Stockholm, Sweden, an umbrella consisting of a tight core team, acting as both strategic creative consultants, and as a hands on one stop shop agency with many years of experience from film, events and the processes behind producing excellent content to grow both your internal and external brand - In whatever form your organization needs to communicate.

02. Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to create communication where people, experiences, and sharing about what is important - to you - can truly come together, give new perspectives, inspire and drive change. Our goal is to keep people motivated, curious and inspired to become their best.

And we want to make it easy for you to do this.

How? You ask. Well, by getting BFF tight with you, we reply. Because we believe that getting to know you, having a personal relationship with you and working close to you - taking advantage of all the internal competencies you already have, is the right way to go.

By being curious in you and investing both ourselves, our knowledge and expertise in what we do, and in helping you communicate your passion - we get to do what we are most passionate about - creating strategic communication and telling stories. Stories that engage and stir emotions. Stories that transfer knowledge, deepens understanding and drive internal change. Stories that derive from humans - for humans. Stories with a meaning. Stories that makes an impact.

That's why we do what we do. And maybe, just maybe, you and us, we could be a thing.

03. Maybe We Could Be a Thing & Friends

The core

With 20 years as a Strategic Producer in the event and communication industry, coach and speaker Anna Mourou has won several awards and worked with clients such as EQT, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Netlight, Ica, Scania and most recently Klarna. She is also the founder of the female network She Captain, empowering women to loudly conquer the oceans. 


Creative Director and responsible for film and moving content, and with as many years in the industry as Anna, is award-winning director and creative Krajan (Martin Krajewski aka Who is Krajan?). Krajan has worked with both commercial TV and Public Service before he went rouge as creative consultant and director, and later also founded Maybe We Could Be A Thing. Amongst his clients you find brands such as AFA Försäkring, AMF Fastigheter, Sandvik, Söderberg & Partners, Swish, Oriola, Klarna and lately also LKAB.


We figure it goes like this... If you take a couple of solution oriented creative minds with a passion for storytelling and communication, add their vast experience, good dependable networks, solid track and delivery records, and you put them in the same room... well, you get a thing. A good thing.

Together they form a one stop shop that not only creates strategic content that sells, educates, challenges and entertains, but also tells your story in a way that convays the passion you have for what you do.

The name Maybe We Could Be A Thing derives from an aspiration to form personal relationships with you as our client. We like personal. And up close. We want to be a thing - with you.

Maybe we should be a thing?

04. services - film and events

For when you want to find
creative solutions
that stir emotions, conveys passion and drives business.

Create film & events that both suit you, your audience and fit your budget.

service 1Events

Strategic content that educates, challenges and entertaines

Give us 30 minutes in a meeting and we will teach you about the communication processes we created to start up Klarna’s a global internal event team and made it possible to produce and broadcast 10 parallell live productions. Simultaneously.

After that, we'll be happy to listen to what your specific needs are, what you have in front of you, and which projects would be possible to do together. The only decision you need to make at this point, is that you are interested in us. Because we are. In you. So the feeling is mutual.

So now, we are becoming ’A Thing’... Nice.

This usually leads to lots of excellent communication and content - all for you, and some perhaps even by you - and a long sustainable relationship.

Of course, besides from our offer to teach you how to start and run your own internal event team, we also provide services in ideation, content creation and presentations.

service 2film production and content creation

The five stages of film production and three deals too good to miss out on!

There are five stages of a production, and Maybe We Could Be A Thing can assist you throughout the whole process.

Whether you need films to talk inwards or outwards, films to explain your business, tell people about your brilliant ideas, or just sell stuff - we don't know. Yet. But regardless of your purpose, or specific needs, regardless of platform - tv, Youtube, social media or webbpage, we would be happy to work with you, and within your budget.

To better find your need, lets first find your fit. Read on to find three quite ready-to-go example packages to suit both needs and budget.

service 3Creative coaching and presentation techniques

It's your time to shine!

Is it time for that annual presentation? Nervous? Or do you need a story around your keynote speech to better connect and make an impact?

Well, don't sweat it. Maybe We Could Be A Thing can provide you with both tools, knowledge and an understanding of storytelling, how to coach yourself and the use of various models to keep your presentation together and get the audiences attention.

Being a successful speaker is about leaving a mark with your talk. A real mark. A wow! Knowledge and insights that will change people’s way of life in some way. Knowledge that will help and that stirs up emotions. And always, always entertains.

Anna has booked thousands of talents for her clients over the years. Always making sure that who ever she books, no matter their previous experience, they are well coached - before and during the event.

So stop sweating and learn to enjoy your moment in the spotlight.
Let's be A Thing.

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that engage and stir emotion.

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